☆wanderlust thoughts

wanderlust thoughts

I warned you upfront, I’m feeling melancholy today! I have serious #fernweh and wanderlust feelings in my head right now! My heart and mind are longing for nature, mountains, snow and cold fresh air…It’s been almost a year since I went snowboarding the last time and even longer since I went on a real road trip, the ones with no destination. I really miss being outdoors, sitting by the campfire, zipping on mulled wine and simply enjoy the moment. The city hustle and work routine can be so exhausting sometimes, that I can’t even find a moment to actually slow down from the world and be offline – technically but more important mentally.

I know it’s so important to seize every day as if it would be your last but how is this even possible with all this workload and obligations most of us have? I mean, if I had the money…oh boy, I would pack my backpack right away and travel the world without thinking twice! First stop: New Zealand (because it’s just sweet as and the most impressive place I’ve ever seen).

Wanderlust thoughts

wanderlust thoughts

Right now, I’m just working my butt off to follow my dreams and hope one day it will all be worth it. And that’s ok. I think we all have those moments, where we feel stuck and tired. The only wish we have is to break out and be free of any obligations, decisions or whatever…I feel like I need to find my real ,,me” again. Anybody out there that can relate to those feelings?

Since I know I can’t go on a real vacation anytime soon, my bucket list has to do the trick for now. Why is it, that as soon as you tick off places and trips you’ve done and seen, there are 10 more things that come into your mind?

What do you do to overcome those travel lust feelings? 

wanderlust thoughts

Lost and Layers,