fake fur and flared jeans

Who is as excited as I am about the weekend?…And where can I get this beyond cool Fake Fur Coat & Flared Jeans? – like seriousy!

I’m such a happy girl today  ’cause I just booked my flights and Airbnb to Lisbon whoop whoop. I’m actually going with the whole family, so it’s even more special. Haven’t had a real family vacay in years. The only thing that’s holding the excitement back is that we are going in October… so counting the days wouldn’t really make sense right now. Whatever.


(…if this is even an english expression) – but you know what I mean, right.

But I’m already planning a few short trips in between to bridge the time. I might go for a hike in Saxon Switzerland (you should check that out, it’s insanely beautiful) or go on a little road trip along the Polish coast. Venice and Florenz is on my bucket list, too – maybe with the girls…hmm my Mum wanted me to join her on that wellness weekend in Paris.

Too many options, too little time & money #firstworldproblems ♥

P.S. In case anyone you’re still hunting after that perfect pair of flared jeans, velvet boots or fake fur coats (perfect for in between seasons) – I did some research and picked out my favorite ones (: