Mango Bag

I have so much love for this BAG!

Honestly, I used to not really care about bags, I rather invested my pocket money in a pair of shoes or a dope shirt…until I checked out MANGO’s Online Shop after a long time. Their collection of bags is insane! I literally want to add all of them to my basket but instead (*because I’m a poor Freelancer) I ended up ordering three small bags in three different colors  to see which one I like the most. You know I’ve become a true fan of bright colors this season,so I obviously went for the mustard leather bag. Since then, I have been wearing it almost every day. One would think, it wouldn’t match your everyday outfit  but somehow it does and you know what? It makes you look even more badass // #igotapocketfullofsunshine

Wanna jump on the color train this season? No worries, just click on the bags below to shop ♥

mustard bag


rose bag mangomustard bag






mustard bag

rose Bag