TREND ALERT ★ What to wear this fall

Fall Fashion

wearing MONKI Jacket | ASOS Skirt | ZARA Boots (old) see similar down below

If you’re like me, you’re struggling to put together the perfect fall wardrobe, that’s not too heavy on your wallet. For me, it feels like a never ending story – every year around fall I’m feeling like there is literally nothing I can wear from last year…I mean except 2-3 pieces, such as my leather or denim jacket. Oh and this cute velvet sweater I got from Zara as well. But apart from that I feel like I have to start from scratch when it comes to my fall wardrobe. I know I should invest in more basic pieces, trust me I’m working on that but for now, I just want to know what to wear this Fall.

This season will be BOLD!

…apparently! Tango Red, Millennial Pink, metallic (silver), bright blue and yellow shades dominate this season.

What to wear this fall

Checked: The IT-Blazer for Fall 

Looking for an easy way to update your fall wardrobe? Stop right here, because the checked blazer is this season’s It-piece! The checked print however is not limited to blazer’s and jackets but to be found on skirts, dresses and even shoes, too.

What to wear this fall

Coloured Faux Fur

I can’t help it, I love colored Faux For Coats this fall! I find MANGO, ZARA and Topshop have one of the best (and affordable) collections. You can find a list of my favorite faux fur coats in a previous blogpost.

What to wear this fall

Signature Boots

We know everyone (me included) is obsessing over sock boots, I mean how can you not? …Besides that, I’m still really into pointed Overknees but I still haven’t found the perfect pair with lower heels. Mid-Calf and knee high boots made a huge comeback this season, so why not give them a try.

What to wear this fall

V&V: Velvet x Vinyl

Velvet is back and brought it’s little sister Vinyl. I wouldn’t want to decide between them, because I adore them both. I mean velvet is so comfy, fluffy and sexy while vinyl is just damn hot & cool. My favorite ways to wear Velvet are jumpsuits, blazers (such as this one) or and sweaters. Vinyl is much more versatile, I’d say – I love vinyl skirts, trousers and boots.

What to wear this fall

What to wear this fall

HATS HATS HATS: Beret & Baker Boy

I recently bought my first parisienne beret from ZARA and I’m so happy about this trend finding its way back into our closets. Baker Boy hats are still a thing and not really surprising, as we’ve seen them all around in summer. But I love the 20th century working class hat turns you into an ultimate cool-girl.

What to wear this fall


From velvet to edgy and colorful – I told you this season is bold, so better be prepared and get yourself one of these stylish handbags. Check out my picks down below for some inspiration!

What to wear this fall


 Wide waisted Belts (worn over Coats and jackets!)

Who said, it’s not appropriate to wear a belt over a jacket? It will give all your outfits a cool, more sophisticated touch. What kind of belt should you go for, then? You can try it with fall jackets, as well as on maxi winter coats. No limits here, really, you can try anything!

What to wear this fall

I know fall/ winter is not as budget friendly as your summer wardrobe, but if you want to jump on the trendy bandwagon you should definitely invest in one of the following pieces & you’re good to go:

  • classic trench
  • black sock boots
  • Fake Faux Fur Coat
  • Red Jumper
  • Checked Blazer/ Coat
  • Accessories: Beret and/or Baker Boy
  • Leather Waisted Belt

Did I miss a trend, you’re obsessing with? Tell me! Love to hear what you like to wear this fall ♥

Lost and Layers,