How to survive the holidays & stay healthy, too!

How to survive the holidays and stay healthy

Keeping it together during the holidays is tough: We all love the merriest season of all, no doubt, but when friends and family come together, it can also turn into something extremely stressful. Especially when you grow up with divorced parents and gotta visit multiple families and get invited to all sorts of Christmas parties with tons of food…Anyway, I hope these little tips help you to fully enjoy the holiday gatherings, feel less stressed out and on top, stay healthy.

How to survive the holidays and stay healthy

First and most important of all, prioritise your plans!

Limit the amount of gatherings/parties and don’t make too many plans. Try to prioritise your time and don’t be afraid to pass on invitations. Explain why you won’t be able to join this time and don’t have a bad conscience about it.

Dress to impress but for confidence

Dressing up for Christmas is nice and often expected but you gotta make sure to wear clothes that make you feel 100% confident and comfortable. Go for a look that fits your personal style and within your comfort zone. Personally I prefer clothes that aren’t too tight, so I don’t have to worry about eating another piece of cake or not.

How to survive the holidays and stay healthy

Know that awkward questioning has little to do with you

Some of these folks you’ll see during Xmas feel they have the right to judge your life. They have a strong opinion about your love life, your job, where you’re living or any other little decision you’ve made along the way…so it’s easy to feel a bit tempted to throw a piece of turkey in their face. My family, for instance, just doesn’t get what the hell I’m doing for my living…oh boy, it’s a #neverendingstory. But I’m here to help, not to complain. Keep in mind that most people bother you because of their own issues. They gossip, because they don’t have much else that’s interesting in their lives or simply because they’re jealous. Be clear that it is your life and your decision to make. Briefly say ”thank you for being so concerned… but you feel like this is the right thing to do” and try to change the topic.

How to survive the holidays and stay healthy How to survive the holidays and stay healthy

Grab a small plate instead of a big one

Sometimes the most obvious and simple things in life are the best – using smaller plates during Xmas parties is definitely one of them. It really helps to reduce the consumption and you do eat less, because bigger plates mean bigger  portions.

Load up on greens

Load yourself up on greens instead of carbs and fat foods. Greens, such as vegetables and salads are usually one of the healthy options on a Christmas dinner table, so you wanna put a lot of it on your plate to feel fuller.

Eat before you go to a party

Always eat before you go to a party. First of all, at home you can fully control what you eat and second of all, arriving at a Xmas party hungry is so not a good idea….trust me. It’s better to eat little and often throughout the day as it keeps your energy level stable and helps you to avoid cravings for unhealthy food and sugar.

How to survive the holidays and stay healthy

Do some exercises in between 

No matter where you are, create your own gym and do your exercises! You can easily find an hour in the morning to go for a quick run or workout. Sit ups, planks, pushups and squats are easy examples, that don’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere.

Don’t get tempted by your friends & family 

I know this is the hardest part of all: Be strong and stay focused, even if your family and friends say otherwise. Especially Moms and Grandma’s tend to be really pushy and will certainly try to talk you into eating more from the unhealthy food on the table. Try to stick to your healthy holiday plans and limit yourself to only one daily treat.

Try to avoid fried food and stuff

Fried Foods are a real trap. When something is deep fried in oil, it multiplies the caloric density. Just skip it.

Eat and chew your food slowly 

They are multiple benefits of slow eating: better digestion, better hydration and greater satisfaction with your meals. It ultimately helps you eat less and control your portion sizes.

Try to avoid being 100% full 

Last but not least, don’t eat as much as you can. Try to eat until you’re 80% full and stop the ”all you can eat” mindset – trust me, you’ll feel much better and energized during the holidays without the nasty scale surprise.


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