#Summertime Sadness

Dreamcatcher have this mystical and calming effect, that fills every room immediately with kindness, warmth and peace. I actually bought mine, just right before my road trip last year and I’m so glad I did. This little piece made of feathers and natural materials brings me so much joy. I love how it revolves in the wind and shadows in the sunset light.

I haven’t been feeling well these days, due to a lack of motivation, a couple of incidents that have made my life way too complicated and the pressure I feel at work. Just call it Summertime Sadness. I know it sounds silly, trust me. Just sometimes you can’t fight your bad mood, although you know that your problems are super small compared to other’s. So, this morning I realized for myself, there is simply no reason to wake up and feel bad. The little things in life are what’s important. Happiness doesn’t depend on how much money you’ve got on your bank account. Or how many followers you have on Instagram. And definitely not on your body shape or size. Watching my dreamcatcher blowing in the wind from that morning breeze, I felt grateful for what I have and really took the time to  cherish this Sunday morning moment.


Do you know these kind of days, where your life seems alright but you feel like shit for some reason? – I think many people feel that way once in a while. I have been reading a lot about rituals and strategies, that are supposed to help you overcome stressful unhappy times and feelings pumped again. So if you are interested in me, writing a blogpost about how to regain motivation when you feel exhausted, please let me know ♥

What’s your personal experience? I’d love to hear your story. If you feel it’s to private to post in a comment, just drop me an email. I’m excited to hear your thoughts on this.