Second Hand, First Love-The White Vintage Boho Dress

Vintage Boho Dress

While sorting all my stuff for this weekend’s flea market, I came across this pretty white Vintage Boho Dress and these old snapshot’s. of mine. It must have been around that same time of the year. These (almost neon) rape fields are just to photogenic, aren’t they? The bright dress just seemed perfect for this vibrant background. I remember like it was yesterday when I found this beauty at a second hand shop, 5 years ago.

I knew it was a keeper.

Usually I just sell most of my clothes after a year or a season to buy new ones – now don’t give me the Parisian quality over quantity lesson…It’s just my taste changes so quickly, I get easily bored by the same looks and I like to experiment a lot. But this dress tells the story of a time when I bought 80% of my clothes second hand. I was doing my study internship in NYC at an upscale event agency and obviously didn’t have much money, so second hand seemed like a great idea. I loves thrift shopping more than anything else and I’m so glad I kept a few pieces, including this white Dress and this fabulous Purple Overall. I’m emotionally so attached to it, I would never ever sell it, not even in a hundred years. It takes me back to those long summer nights in Soho, walking the streets of Manhattan in my Jeffrey Campbell booties and just feeling like a big city girl, who has it all figured out.

White Vintage Boho DressI still have a few more vintage dresses in store, which I’m gonna show you on the blog soon!

I hope you enjoyed this little flashback of mine, let me know if you have some pieces that just take you back to special moments – I’d be thrilled to hear them ♥

Now, I think I’m gonna have a dry Martini and some Mexican Tacos next door, just to revive the whole Manhattan Experience and get really into the mood.

You guys have an awesome Sunday Eve!