Capture the moment

With the recent weather change, there is no doubt – fall is slowly approaching… but what if I don’t wanna say goodbye to those sweet summer days filled with sunshine, open air nights, beers by the sea and most of all – happiness. I don’t know how you feel about this, but I don’t want to leave these moments behind – not yet! Summer in Germany has been way too short and not even hot enough to get a proper tan… Alright I must admit,  fall has something, too. Those warm colors and the cozy times you spent at home with good books/movies and glasses of Chardonnay. It’s just…I’m not ready yet. I mean, are you?

Fortunately there are two things, I’m very looking forward to, which are taking me to Barcelona & Lisbon  I’ll just try to soak in as much sun and #Summerness as I can to make it through fall and winter, sounds like a plan, aye? And if that doesn’t work out, well we’ll see. I tend to think not too far ahead, that just keeps me worrying about too many things.

What’s your current weather mood like?


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