Hair Musings

hair musings

Just about 3 months ago I chopped my hair and went for a sort of like dark blonde with a few brighter highlights on the ends. I loved it. But now winter has hit me and my mood – everything around me seems all so grey and grim. Even my hair! Having a darker hair color has made me look more pale, too. Long story short: I’m in serious need of a touch-up…

Honestly, I really love to go back to blonde. I think this is what fits me the most and where I got the most compliments on. I’m talking not necessarily ashy blonde, I’m more into natural tones and highlights that give you these ,,beachy – I just got back from a summer vacay” look. Without the tan and freckles obviously. So, just when I had started pinning all these amazing hair musings to my Pinterest board, WELLA asked me to try out their gentle dyeing treatment, called WELLAPLEX. Similar to the Olaplex formula,  it’s said to strengthen the hair from the inside, while ensuring healthier, shiny hair even during the dyeing process. This really grabbed my attention since I’m so picky with my hair and only use organic products when it comes to haircare. Without doubt I happily accepted the invitation and got booked for an appointment this Friday around noon at one of their premium hair salons, Shan Rahimkhan. I’ve only heard good things about this place and I’m so excited about the whole treatment and how my hair will turn out. I’ll be taking you guys with me on Friday via Instastory and plan to write a review underneath this post to tell you my experiences, so make sure to keep up 😉 // *UPDATED 02/04/18: Find my review below

so, here is the question: What color shall I go for?

I will keep my length because it’s so easy to style and keeps my hair from flattening. So that’s easy. But I’ll still need your help with the color decision. I’ve put together some last-minute hair (color) inspo so feel free to tell me your opinion on this! ♥

Hair Musings
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*Review WELLAPLEX Treatment

Before I tell you more about the results, I’m gonna give you a short intro into what WELLAPLEX actually does to your hair and how it works. First of all, WELLAPLEX is said to reduce hair damage during the procedure of coloring or lightening the hair. It strengthens the bonds within the hair structure in order to keep the hair smooth, soft and strong in between hair-salon treatments. There are actually 3 steps to follow when WELLAPLEX is applied: 1. The Bond Maker, 2. Bond Stabilizer and finally the Hair Stabilizer (to be applied post treatment at home).

I’ve been coloring my hair as long as I can remember. From ice blonde to grey and even dark brown almost blackish – I tried all kinds of colors in the past.  It’s nice to know that your hair doesn’t get damaged as much with this sort of treatment but let’s be straight: I’m really happy with the overall WELLAPLEX result – my hair indeed feels soft and healthy, even after this whole dyeing process. It is less frizzy than I would have expected it to be, so that’s a thumbs up! If you’re going for a dramatic color change, make sure to try it out! But the one thing, that I will still need to get used to is the extreme color. I usually prefer more natural hair colors with darker roots and smooth transitions but this time I went straight to almost ice blonde. I mean it looks good but I’m just not sure whether I feel comfortable with it or whether I should go for a more natural blonde. I guess we’ll see…

Hair Musings

I wish you the loveliest of Sundays and a badass start into the new week!

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