Girls Weekend in Amsterdam

Lucky Lake Amsterdam

For those, who actively follow me on my Social Platforms and have seen last week’s Instastories – I have spent a couple of days with my favorite girls in Verona! It sort of became a tradition since we went on our first girls weekend to Amsterdam last year. 

I guess some of you can relate, that the older you get, the less you see and the less quality time you spent with your dearest friends. This is something I still need to get used to, because not having your besties around when you need them the most is tough. We met in grammar school, went through so many ups and downs, breakups, gap years, sickness…not being able to spontaneously catch up for coffee or wine is such a pain! …So this is why we came up with the girls weekend. Amsterdam was a pretty spontaneous choice – it’s not too far (only 6h by car) and had everything we were looking for. You know, when I’m with my girls, I simply enjoy going with the flow. Probably because my job requires me to have a really structured agenda. The only thing we planned ahead, was our one of a kind accommodation, of which more later. I’m sure that every friendship deserves weekends like this, where you can fully enjoy each others company, without being distracted by boy- or girlfriends, work, family, kids or whatsoever – just the closest friends reliving the past and enjoying themselves! These 5 days brought me so much joy and I literally laughed so hard that my stomach muscles hurt ♥ I also have the feeling that trips like these deeply strengthen our relationship bonds and brings us even closer together.

Now, let me tell you a bit more about this wonderful city and our stay!

Amsterdam WeekendHow would I describe Amsterdam in a few words? – It’s an effortlessly cool city that combines the canals of Venice with Parisian flair! I would recommend not to plan too much ahead though ’cause Amsterdam is all about getting lost. I’v been to AMS maybe 4-5 times and I’ve been to the cozies and hippest places you can imagine, but I can never remember where they are exactly.  It’s hard to keep track when the architecture is just so pretty and every store seems so inviting. From tiny local spots to many different bars – Amsterdam just has it all.

Amsterdam Weekend

I can highly recommend going on a bike tour for a day. It can’t get more typical dutch than this. Explore the nearby neighborhoods while being part of Dutch culture. Canal Bike’s are also a great way to experience the city from a different angle. Check out Canal Bike, they’ve got some great tours for a reasonable price.

Apart from the main tourist attractions, you should go down to Vondelpark, the largest park in Amsterdam. The park has quite a ,,hippy” feel, with various people wandering around, having lunch and relaxing on the grass. You can pick up some delicious salad from one of the cafes nearby and enjoy some rest away from the tourist hustle.

If you wanna know more about what to see, where to go and what insider spots to explore, check out this post from ,,As the sparrow flies”!

Amsterdam Second Hand

The endless shopping possibilities in Amsterdam will make your heart beat faster, trust me. Obviously they are well known shops like ZARA, Topshop, Urban Outfitters etc. but we heard about all these amazing thrift stores, so we spent an entire day shopping 2nd hand, looking for hidden treasures. Luckily, I summed up my favorite stores down below:


1. Episode

– One of the best vintage shops in Amsterdam and the most famous shop in the Nine Streets

3. Bij ons Vintage

– Awesome vintage shop leaning 70s – early 90s

5. Laura Dols

– Go-to place if you need a beautiful dress

7. Zipper

– Clothing and accesssories from the 1950s through today



2. Time Machine

– Cool vintage store in a pretty cooll street with lots of other awesome shops

4.  The End

– Cool vintage for a good price

6. Rumors Vintage

– Excellent selection of leather boots, lovely sweaters and warm gloves

Lucky Lake Amsterdam

Now, let’s talk about our trailer hostel ♥ or the best place to stay ever! Situated by the water, this is by far the coziest accommodation and the prettiest place to stay at if you don’t mind staying a bit outside of Amsterdam City. It’s the perfect mixed vibe between relaxation and bustling city life. Don’t worry they’ve got a free shuttle service, that leaves the hostel every hour or during peak times even every 30 minutes, from 08.00 until 01.00. They drop you off at Holendrecht station, which takes about 7 minutes and from there you can easily reach the city centre by train. Most of the rooms are vintage caravans (trailer) – the sort of caravans that people in Europe attach behind their cars and travel with. They offer free breakfast with coffee, tea, yoghurt, muesli, cornflakes, bread, nutella, honey, peanut butter and jams. If you want, you can even prepare yourself some eggs or pancakes in the morning. The lake is also very close and just so beautiful, it feels like a summer camp! So, what are you waiting for? Gather your girls and start planning your next girls trip!

Our trip to Verona is coming up NEXT on the blog!

Lucky Lake Amsterdam

Amsterdam Weekend

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