Laid Back Friday

#Friday Thoughts

These days I’m really struggling to keep up with the blog. With all the freelance work, content creation for the blog and looking for an affordable apartment in Berlin, it sometimes gets a little too much. I know that I’m really lucky to be able to do this job and be my own boss but there is also a lot of pressure. I’m not complaining at all –  I’m just really tired and the grey shitty weather does the rest. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys, why I haven’t been so active lately but I’ll promise to be back on track soon!

Also you may have noticed that my blog went offline for a few hours due to technical issues. Everything is fixed and back to normal but it was literally so scary. I’m certainly not a Nerd or tech guru which is why I had to rely on the support live chat of my hoster and theme company. They were really helpful though and did their best to help me. If you’re still looking for a cool WordPress theme for your own blog/website, you should definitely check out Pixelgrade. Apart from the ‘Patch’ theme I use, they’ve got other pretty rad alternatives for lifestyle, food or design topics. They recently interviewed me on the blog, you can read it here (:

I also wanted to thank you all for your amazing support over the last year ♥ Each and everyone of you, that’s been reading my articles, liking my posts or just hanging around for fun means the world to me! I’m so thankful for every comment, feedback and reaction I receive – it keeps me super motivated to continue sharing my journey with you. Cheers to unexpected adventures, wild moments and new chances.

Lost and Layers,