Designer Clothes I would buy if I had the money + affordable lookalikes for less

Designer Clothes and Lookalikes

When browsing the Instagram profiles of my favorite (successful) bloggers like weworewhat, jourdansloane or reading high fashion magazines, its both inspiring and frustrating at the same time. First of all, their looks are always on point – not too overdressed, sort of laid back-effortless but with an edgy character, simply fu***** badass! But, since most of the really successful bloggers earn quite a bit of money (or more!) and have cooperations with designers and high street fashion brands they obviously wear multiple designer clothes in their outfits. Stuff I will probably never be able to buy myself. If if I had, I’d probably only buy 2-5 pieces a year, thinking that the price of a designer bag could be a trip to New York or an adventure in Iceland..- and that is kinda ridiculous don’t you think?

But this is the perfect reason to look for similar items for way less and share them with you! I only picked pieces from the designers I love (and some mixed stuff) to keep it all a bit more structured. Balenciaga, Vetements and Acne Studios are definitely one of my faves right now! love everything about their designs – I feel like these are brands that I can relate to the most: minimalistic streetwear with amazing colors and extravagant tailoring.

Now let’s get you covered with lookalikes from Topshop, Missguided, Asos and Mango and you’ll be looking just as badass as they do ♥






What are your favorite Designer Brands? 

Lost and Layers,