The Coolest Floats & Inflatables for under $30

coolest inflatables and floats

Still on the hunt for some cool WaterMelon Floats and a giant Flamingo Inflatables but you can’t afford to spend $70 on these dope pool accessories? 

No worries, I’ve done my Blogger homework and found you some rad fruit, food and animal inflatables to hang around with for UNDER $30, how does that sound? – Surely, you don’t want to leave for your next vacay without having one of these in your suitcase. Just imagine yourself, sitting on that Unicorn while zipping a fresh cocktail in the pool – oh lord I REALLY need vacation! …Basically they are made for lasting summer memories. Not to mention that huge watermelons and giant pizza floats will put your Instagram game to a whole new level – Wait no longer and shop your favorite pool accessory down below by clicking on the picture – You’re Welcome ♥

The Obligatory Pink Flamingo

Flamingo Inflatable

The Giant Pizza Slice

Pizza Float

Don’t forget about the drinks – INflatable Drink Holders

Inflatable Drink Holder

A Unicorn – What else?

Unicorn Float


Watermelon Inflatable

Still Hungry? – Have a donut!

Donut Inflatable

You can never go wrong with a pineapple

Pineapple Inflatable

Ice, Ice Baby

Icecream Inflatable

Also check out eBay, sometimes you’re lucky and find a good bargain!

I’m really struggling to decide which one I’ll be taking on my next summer vacay, they are all way too cute…I’m probably gonna for the watermelon or the flamingo – how about you?