Christmas is just around the corner and I am really in the mood for some mulled wine, cookies and cheesy christmas movies. It’s the coziest time of the year! I am really struggling to get into the christmas spirit though because it’s still 46 degrees, the sun is shining and there is no sign of snow anytime soon.

But I have the perfect advice to change that: ‘Make your loved ones a self-made calendar and start shopping for christmas presents!’. When I was a kid, my mom always made me one and I loved it. At first it was mostly stocked with accessories for my doll and later it was filled with girls stuff such as lipsticks and earrings, which was so much better than chocolate. Alright, I bought myself a chocolate calendar so I had both but I really appreciated the effort that my mum put into it. Think about being creative with your beau to spice things up or surprise your BFF and split the calendar, so that each of you gets a little present each day. In that way you only have to prepare for 12 presents, which is more affordable as well since christmas hasn’t even started.

Check out my little mood board and tell me which one is your favorite! Mine is the one, hanging on a branch. You can find all of them on my Pinterest board, are you following me yet?

Now, finding the perfect christmas present can be stressful and time-consuming, I hope I can make it a bit easier for you and already collected some ideas for him. You heard right, for men. I figured it’s much easier to come up with ideas when it’s about women but finding an ideal present for men is so much harder, I know what I am talking about.

Men don’t care about lipsticks, jewelry or clothes so much. They want something specific that comes in handy, things like socks, underwear or a fancy wallet. A personal voucher for a dinner or a massage are always good as well as experiences and memories. Image what you and your partner in crime always wanted to do: Skydiving, a helicopter sightseeing tour, driving a tank or formula 1 car, sleeping in a floating tent or a romantic getaway to a castle. Nothing is impossible, so check out your local website provider and book your adventure! No matter what your budget is, I’ve got you covered with these ideas for everyone on your list.


Find them here:

  1. Socks Norwegian Style here
  2. Warm Gloves [amazon text=here&asin=B01IBDWVUE]
  3. Personalized Voucher
  4. Travel Book here
  5. Sexy underwear [amazon text=here&asin=B01E72PJYS]
  6. Vinyl Records
  7. Fancy Scarf [amazon text=here&asin=B00OYZA64M]
  8. Printed Flask here
  9. Whiskey glass [amazon text=here&asin=B0121DZBIO]
  10. Shower Gel/ Shaving Creme [amazon text=here&asin=B014D5UGB0]



Get them here:

  1. Handmade wooden leather wallet here
  2. A good bottle of Glenfiddich Whiskey [amazon text=here&asin=B00KWUASC8]
  3. Memories or Experiences that last a lifetime [amazon text=here&asin=B004CF4PPA]
  4. UVEX Ski/Snowboard Glasses [amazon text=here&asin=B00ENIMZU8]
  5. Stylish Brooks Backpack [amazon text=here&asin=B00COME46S]
  6. Cool headphones here
  7. Polaroid Vintage Camera from Fujifilm here
  8. Wooden Watch [amazon text=here&asin=B01GNRCHVS]
  9. Christmas Sweater for two here
  10. Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker [amazon text=here&asin=B00HQ9YHUM]


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