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Street style fashion and daily outfit inspiration. A lookbook of my style adventure. From trendy pieces to vintage cravings, you name it.

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Weekspiration: Patched Denim

Patches are all over the place! How can you not work your inner Patch Denim Diva, especially when you’re surrounded by all these lovely babes and dudes on social platforms, showing that patched denim is […]

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90s Fashion

90s Fashion Range #1 Tommy’s Girl

I already told you about how much I’m into 90s fashion in my last article. So many trends from back then have made its way back into our closets and I just love it!…So I […]

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Kanken Rucksack

Hipster or whaat?!

Ich weiß, was ihr jetzt denkt… ,,diese Hipster Rucksäcke haben doch alle, jeder  Dritte läuft damit draußen rum”… und ja, ihr habt Recht! Ich hab mich wirklich lange gegen diese Fjällräven/ Kanken Rucksäcke gewährt – […]

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Bomber Jacket

Hoodie Hood

I know it’s not hoodie season yet, but hopefully it won’t take long until spring shows up! …but anyways, I found this statement sweater and kind of hoodie -dress from Monki in my closet the […]

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Casual Outfit Metallic Sneaker

Metallic Sun

I gotta say, I’m a huge fan of sneakers – comfy, effortless and easy to match! With the sun shining all weekend, I just had to play along and grab out this springtime look with […]

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Velvet Ankle Boots


Love the combo of Velvet Ankle Boots and Denim ♥ Find similar shoes for less than 50 EUR/ 60 USD at ASOS here, here & also here or if you’re willing to spend a bit more, check out this model […]