Pizza Riomaggiore

Catching Up on Things over Pizza

I know it’s been pretty quiet on the blog this week but I couldn’t resist sharing this little sneak peak with you guys. This lovely shot pretty much sums up how most of my vacay looked like: Pizza & the Ocean ♥

Now that I’m back, I gotta catch up on some urgent work things (non-related to the blog) and sort out all the footage from Italia (quite a lot!). My suitcase is still untouched…oh as much as I love packing for a holiday, I hate the unpacking-part when I return. Anyone who can relate? Luckily my next trip is just around the corner – a Girls Getaway to Verona Baby!

Just noticed, it’s half past midnight, I better hit the sack! Gotta a long day ahead of me with a full work schedule. Not seeing myself getting up at 6am though. Same old story. Note to self: Go to bed early, wake up at 6am and get shit done!

P.S. — Have you seen my latest Island Life x Sicily Video yet? – Strong Summer vibes!!