Casual Outfit

Oh crap, the weekend just started and I have way to too many things on my to-do-list.. I don’t know if I should blame myself for being so unorganized all week and then realizing on Friday, there is still so much left to do. Or should I blame the person that came up with the idea of a 24 hour day? I often have the feeling, especially in winter when it gets dark in the afternoon, that it’s just not enough time to get all your stuff done. Anybody with me?

What keeps me casual and calm on those busy days is my outfit: Big knit sweaters and comfy loafers. You may have noticed that I’m crazy about fishnet tights and the 90’s-grunge effect it adds to every look, so I just had to wear it underneath my black crop pants. I better get back to my list now and I’d be super grateful if you have any advice on how to improve my time management skills, thanks a lot X

Details of the day loafers fishnet

Casual Look

Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit Loafer Fishnet

Please excuse the medium quality pics, so I took the pictures with my iPhone  (: And I’m wearing:  Weekday Knit | Zara bag and crop pants | ASOS loafer | Broke & Schön armlet