BODY || Miley Cyrus Legs

Just recently I’ve recognized that I haven’t told you anything about my fitness routine. Maybe because I don’t have one. I’m actually quite lazy when it comes to working out. There are times where I would work out 3 times a week and the next 2 weeks I wouldn’t do sports at all, because I don’t feel like it. Well…nobody is perfect – thank god!

Gyms are really not my thing. I tried it for a year and ended up paying loads of money for nothing. I mean the variety of gym classes are nice and really fun but I didn’t like working out with 20 other people in the same room (often it was super crowded, I didn’t even get in). To be honest, I felt kind of intimidated by the smiling ‘supermodels’ and the mysterious, sinister-looking weights and machines. Overall it’s just too much showing off, so I decided to try working out at home. So far it’s going great – I’m way more flexible with my workout plus it saves me a ton of money. I even bought myself a few sport gadgets, such as Free Weights and Resistance Bands, just to get some variation, you know keep it exciting 😉

When I started off working at home, I searched online, mostly on YouTube for a cool workout channel and found Xhit! Over the past 2 months I literally worked myself through various exercises and sweated it all out 😀 ! It’s so much fun. Rebecca (the host) really knows how to kick your ass and make you keep going. One of the hardest but at the same most efficient workouts I’ve done so far is the Miley Cyrus Legs – Workout. Let me say this upfront – it’s tough for beginners but you can always adapt the workouts to your own pace and fitness level.

Rebecca: ‘Keep in mind though – it has to burn, that’s when it starts working’

I usually try to do at least 3-4 different exercises per week (Arm & Abs, Full Body; Legs; Back). If I’m super motivated, I even go for a run but no longer than 25 minutes, else it gets really boring. I used to play professional tennis as a kid/teenager, so whenever I have the chance I like to toss a ball, too!

I find it really motivating to wear fancy activewear during my workouts. So every once in a while I buy myself a nice sports bra or a cute top and it keeps me going, especially during times when I don’t feel confident with my body. These amazing pieces are currently on my wishlist ♥


Do you like to workout at home? What workout channels can you recommend?