Berlin Fashion Week: Best of Runway & personal fails

Odeeh BFW

Fashion Week is officially over and to be honest I’m super glad it is. Not that I don’t enjoy all the fashion hustle and happenings but I just wasn’t prepared at all this time. If you ask yourself what sort of preparation I’m talking about, here it comes:

I know #firstworldproblems but the struggle is real: I didn’t had the chance to plan outfits ahead. The clothes I bought, especially for fashion week, didn’t arrive in time plus I just got back from Norway, so there was actually no time to go shopping last minute. Second of all, I didn’t manage to contact any PR agencies, which is the only way to get admission to fashion shows and events  if you’re not a super famous blogger and don’t have Vitamin B. Another thing that really pissed me off was the shitty weather. From rain and thunderstorms up to hail and snow – there was no weather condition we didn’t go through except sun. Not joking. I know it’s only my second fashion week, so there is still room for improvement but when I scrolled through my instagram feed, it seemed like everybody was super organized, had the best time at cool hipster fashion parties and looked badass AF. You get what I mean. Instead I used most of the week to prepare a launch event for one of my clients and attended only a few blogger networking events. Both, the SPREAD PR Pop-up showroom and the Hashmag Bloggerlounge Event were super fun and interactive. I discovered lovely brands, chatted with fellow bloggers and most of all came out of my shell. At first, I struggled to attend these events all by myself but I forced myself and that makes me really proud.

Now that I’m cuddled up in my favorite blanket, totally chilled with a bowl of caramel popcorn next to me, I feel so happy. Looking at the runway collections from all these amazing designers, e.g. William Fan, Marina Hoermanseder, Callisti, Odeeh etc., I thought I’d share my favorite designs with you

My main takeaways from fashion week and street styles are fanny packs, wide leather belts and belt corsages, bold colors, innovative silhouettes and wild prints.<?php echo do_shortcode(‘

Which one is your fave?

P.S. There will be a second blogpost about the coolest street styles from BFW, stay tuned babes!