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#Norwegian Wilderness | Part Three

Part I and Part II of my Norwegian Adventure here. Crossed this off my bucket list and it feels so great! ’’Trolltunga’’ (troll tongue), probably one of the most popular and ’instagramable’ hikes in the […]

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4 years ago, I fell in love. It was love at first sight! I said to myself ’’ We would make a great match’’. I remember it must have been around christmas time when I […]

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#Norwegian Wilderness | Part Two

Check out PART ONE ’’Watch out! There is a horse right there, running down the hill onto the street’’. At this time it was three in the morning and I had seven hours behind the […]

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Road Trip Norwegen

#Norwegian Wilderness | Part One

WHY NORWAY? I always wanted to explore the nordic countries and was longing for freedom and independence. Also I really didn’t feel like going on a standard 4* all inclusive beach holiday. Apart from beautiful […]

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#Plant Party

Meet the newest addition to the family: My three very low maintenance roommates! I don’t know about you but I could have tons of plants all over my apartment. Unfortunately my apartment is only 65 […]

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They see me rollin

Since I got my cruiser last year, I really enjoy taking this beauty out to the lake or cruising around the neighborhood on the weekends. Not only is it extremely fun but it also looks […]

You have this one life. MAke yourself proud.

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This is it

Women have only one dream – a humorous guy, who is hot and humble at the same time, a credit card with no spending limits, endless time for travelling and jet-setting, eating as much junk […]