about-page-bild-croppedThis is my Playground. From fashion chronicles and lifestyle diaries to my long-cherished ⌈wanderlust⌋ and even the ordinary things I get inspired by everyday.

Lost // I still haven’t found a place that I can call home which explains my passion for travel. More often than not I feel lost rather than settled. Adventures that wander off the beaten track are my way of exploring our beautiful planet.


Layers // Others describe my personality as spontaneous and versatile but also reliable. When I think about it, my character traits reflect my personal style. The moment I wake up the endless boundaries of fashion are wide open to me: layers/ prints/ denim, you name it. Although I enjoy chasing after the latest fashion trends, I do think that keeping it clean, simple and classic is just as sexy. Besides, I really have fun mixing vintage with on-trend pieces and adore overalls and jumpsuits. Tie the outfit together with a nice pair of shoes – and you’re all set!

That being said, I’d like to welcome you to my eclectic world.Lost and Layers,