Hey Guys, t
his is my digital playground. From street style diaries and lifestyle stories to my everlasting ⌈wanderlust⌋ and even the ordinary things I get inspired by everyday.

Lost // I still haven’t found a place that I can call home which explains my passion for travel. More often than not I feel lost rather than settled. I love wild adventures that wander off the beaten track and unexpected moments.


Layers // As you might have already noticed, I like to wear fancy clothes and take pictures of my fashion chronicles. For me, fashion is a way of expressing yourself. What I wear really depends on my mood – I decide impulsively. If I’m having a rough day, I’d certainly wear black but if I’m thrilled, I’d go for something more edgy. Besides, I really have fun mixing vintage with on-trend pieces and adore overalls and jumpsuits.

Welcome to my eclectic world! Whether you randomly stumbled upon my blog or you’re a keen reader, I really hope you’ll get inspired by this little digital playground of mine. Feel free to stop by next time and make sure you stay tuned on my Instagram and YouTube, too.

Lost and Layers,