6 incredible Travel Videos that will blow your mind


I’m in serious need for some Freedom-Adventure-Wanderlust kind of Feeling right now! … great that my next vacation is not even planned yet – I just can’t afford it time and money-wise at the moment. But these travel videos help me through those rough times & I hope they’ll brighten up your day as much as they brightened up mine! ♥ You gotta take what you get, right?

So sit back, grab yourself a juicy glass of wine/beer/tea or whatever makes you happy and enjoy the ride! … Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for some dope Travel Vlogs and deeper insights into my personal life. I’m already working on some more videos, that will come up soon! Also if there is anything you’d like to see on my channel, let me know (:

2. Ben Walton – How about a Road Trip through Australia with your friends? That takes me back to my working hOliday Year after High school…


3. Jay Alvarrez – going places with loads of girlfriend action involved!


4. Kold – Loving the Vibes on this one!


5. TObi Schnorpfeil – Really like the authenticity that he captures in his videos!


6. Leonardo Dalessandri – His editing skills are absolutely sick and his videos are one of a kind!


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