10 Tips on how to go bare-legged in winter like a boss

How to go bare-legged in winter

Although the weather is getting colder here, I’m not quite ready yet for tights season. As much as I love layers and winter dressing, there is nothing I hate more, than having to wear tights and stockings during the colder months. I think they just ruin any great outfit and some of them are so comfortable.

Well, you won’t see me running around town in the middle of snow storm without wearing a coat or a thick jumper, but what I’m saying is I don’t want  great dress or skirt to suffer from a pair of black or shiny nude tights. If you think the struggle is real and are the same opinion then keep on reading ’cause I’ve got 10 tips for you on how to go bare-legged in winter like a boss!

How to go bare-legged in winter

#1 Remove that ‘winter growth’ on your legs

Let’s start with getting a smooth shave. Find your most comfortable method, whether it’s waxing, shaving, epilating or whatever, just make sure you give your legs as much attention in winter as you would in summer.

#2 Go for a shorter heel

A pair of boots, brogues or low heels goes a long way and keeps any outfit elevated without loosing comfort. A couple of inches is not off limit but it will make you look much more effortless if you keep the heel short with bare legs.

#3 Wear closed Shoes

One of the key ways to rock bare legs in winter without looking totally ridiculous is to wear closed heels and boots!

How to go bare-legged in winter

#4 Go for Midi-length skirts and dresses

If it’s really freezing outside, go for a midi-length skirt/dress. Trust me, it will make you feel much more comfortable, while still looking fabulous!

#5 Wear a long coat

Bare legs might look hot in winter, but let face it, it’s still freaking cold out. So you’ve gotta cover your exposed skin with a stylish long coat. Is there anything sexier than a bit of bare leg sneaking out from full-length coat.

#6 Travel in Style

If you wanna go bare-legged in winter like a boss, you have to travel like one!  That means no long walks or public transportation for you. Either get used to Uber or hop in your own car, just make sure you don’t have to be outside for longer than a couple of minutes.

How to go bare-legged in winter

#7 Keep it simple and cover up on top

Unless you’re going to the club, make sure to keep it simple and cover up on top. A cozy knit or basic tee goes a long way.

#8 Get a light winter tan

Why quit on some light tan in winter? Seize the opportunity and get your butt into a spray tan studio, it will give you the perfect winter glow.

#9 Have a Plan B

Ok, no matter how well prepared you are, you gotta have a backup plan. Most certainly it consists of an extra pair of tights in your handbag. Half way through the day/night, you might regret having bare legs. That’s when your backup plan comes in handy!

#10 Always be confident about it

Now listen, this is the most important thing: Always be confident about going bare-legged. Ignore people starring at you or even telling you, you shouldn’t do it ’cause they wouldn’t dare…Keep in mind, there is always a backup plan, just in case,  but right now you just look fantastic!

How to go bare-legged in winter

wearing checked Blazer Dress from ZARA | High Ankle Boots (old) from ZARA, similar here and here | Sunnies from ASOS

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