10 Cool-Girl Minimal Ear Piercings to get in 2017

Minimal Jewellry

As some of you might know, I recently got my second Ear Piercings. Although this idea was stuck in my head for a while, the morning I went to the piercer was totally random. I just woke up and couldn’t wait longer, it’s like a hairstyle. You feel like you need to go to the hairdresser soon but it’s still ok for some time but then all of a sudden you wake up and you’re like ,,sorry, can I get an appointment like right now, my hair looks like shit’’, you have that sometime?


So basically that’s what happened to me a week ago & I’m super happy with the result! So while I was browsing through some cool Earrings and Piercing the other day, I thought why not share it with you guys! Personally, I think Ear Piercing add that little extra coolness to your overall look and make you feel even more like a badass. Also it gives you so much room for experimenting, whether you like it boho or rather minimalistic.

Still too afraid to check out your local piercer? Don’t worry dear!…Thank god, someone invented the fake piercing (: Etsy and ASOS have some pretty cool and cheap options to choose from – see here and here!

However I can assure you, Ear piercing are by far one of the less painful piercing options and heal pretty quickly.

Wait no more. Pick your favorite option down below and get that ear piercing done. You are bound to look drop dead gorgeous and charming!

Source: Stylist Magazine


Minimal Earrings
Source: fashionistatattoo


Minimal Earrings
Source: Bürde Beauty


Minimal Earring
Source: Pinterest


Minimal Earrings
Source: Pinterest


Minimal Earrings
Source: Piercingmodels


Minimal Earrings
Source: Byrdie
Minimal Earrings
Source: Etsy
Minimal Earrings
Source: Stylishwife

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  • Pauline

    Die Bilder sehen alle super schön aus!
    Vor allem dein erstes Bild und das mit dem orientalisch aussehenden Ohrring gefällt mir total 🙂 Ich möchte später auch mal ein 2. oder sogar 3. Ohrloch und einen Helix

    • Danke dir Pauline! Ich bin auch hin und weg 🙂 Ein drittes ist auch schon in Planung. Hab ein tolles Wochenende!