★ Like to know it: What’s in it for you?

Like to know it App

I’ve got some great news – I’m part of the Like to know It Family! Let me explain what this means, how to use it and why it will make your life much easier  – no matter if you’re a Blogger or a Non-Blogger.

What is ‘like to know it’?

#1Trust me it will save your life. Well…not really, but it will definitely save you tons of time! www.liketoknow.it is basically a platform, that enables you to shop all your favorite looks from fellow bloggers and style queens  just by ‘liking’ or ‘screenshotting’ their pictures on Instagram. Once you’ve downloaded the App and registered, LiketoKnow.It will send you an email (takes about 5 minutes) with the links to all the items, that person is wearing. Simple as that, aye!



#2Sometimes it happens, that the exact item isn’t linked but instead  a similar one – that’s because the store doesn’t work with the brand but loads of stores do, so no worries. Also you can shop directly from the LiketoKnow.It website. Under the ,,My Likes” tab, you can keep track of everything you’ve liked on Instagram, this way you’ll never loose an outfit again! #saywhat ♥

#3Another method to keep updated about all your favorite blogger styles is to add their Instagram name at the end of the URL. For instance, you can shop all of my (future) posts here: https://www.liketoknow.it/lost.and.layers – By taking just these two minutes to register, you will save yourself hours of time!

use LiketoKnow.It as a Blogger

First of all you have to be approved to RewardStyle to be able to tag your Instagram Posts and use this feature. Unfortunately it’s not as simple, since they are very secretive about their selection process. But I’ll try my best to guide you through the things they are looking at and what you should have covered before applying with your own blog! Note: If you get denied, you have to wait months to apply again so make sure you get it right the first time!


 I could literally write a book on how important photography is for your blogging and Instagram business. It’s always the first impression and the only way to get noticed by brands and rewardStyle. A good camera and lense is the #1 thing you should invest in, when you start blogging. I currently use the Sony Alpha 6000 with this lense for a nice bokeh effect! Half the battle, trust me. For editing I usually use Lightroom or Vsco.


 RewardStyle is really looking at how often and how consistently you post on your Instagram and Blog. Therefore you should post at least 2-3 blog posts & 7 Instagram posts per week.

Link your Products Another thing you should be already doing is linking your outfits, your interior or whatever you’re showing on your blog. Tell your readers where they can purchase what you are wearing, eating, living in and show RewardStyle that you already have knowledge on this front.

Blog NavigationMake sure your blog is easy to navigate, which simply means your readers can easily find what they are looking for. Also try to avoid too many ads and keep it clutter free.

Instagram FollowersDespite what most of you think, Instagram Followers play rather a minor role in getting approved by RewardStyle! It’s more about the follower engagement: How many comments? Are your followers responding to your content? Do you also get comments on your blog? How is the engagement there? – Instagram is important, yes. But your blog has a HUGE potential, too – just think about it: It’s a platform that is completely owned and controlled by you. Instagram might be gone overnight… not literally speaking, but you get what I mean. Whereas your blog stays – no matter what.

Yep and that’s about it! If you’ve covered all of those steps above you should be fine! If you get denied, they will tell you why and you always have another chance, no need to be disappointed!


P.S. If you’ve any questions, just comment down below or send me a direct message, I’m happy to help anytime! 

Lost and Layers,